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Heavy bleeding (during child birth); slow and weak pulse. Principle treatment: Warm spleen and kidney yang, eliminate dampness. Formula: <guifuzhulingtang> or <fuzilizhongtang> also coincide with the basic menstrual cycle,

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Last menstrual period: Excessive exposure at home or work to  Fumes  Dust  Solvents  Air-borne particles  Noise Marital Status  Single  Married  Separated  Divorced  Widow Use of Alcohol Aspirin or other pain remedies

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Reactive airway disease is a general term for conditions involving wheezing and allergic reactions. The term sometimes is misused as a synonym for asthma. Current medical use describes an asthma-like syndrome in infants that may later be confirmed to be asthmatics when they become old enough to

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This fever received various names, such as gastric fever, the bends, abdominal typhus, infantile remittent fever, slow fever, nervous fever, pythogenic fever, etc. Because of the increased bleeding tendency (bleeding diathesis),

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Squamous-cell carcinomas are often solitary, slow-growing tumors that cause extensive local tissue destruction. They can metastasize to other organs, with reported rates as high as 18.6%, primarily to the lymph nodes and lung.

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No pumping, your periods haven't returned (not including postpartum bleeding) and your baby is less than 6 months breastfeeding can act as a contraceptive, assuming you've met those requirements.) Home Pregnancy Test Experiences; Did you have pregnancy symptoms before you missed a period?

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A Resource of home remedies for various disease that can be easily followed at home Thursday, October 16, 2008. Home Remedies for Menstruation Problems Excessive bleeding. Grind some betell leaves into a fine Sesame seeds are also used as a home remedy for menstrual problem.

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Heavy menstrual bleeding is a condition known as menorrhagia. Some women experience this heavy, However, there is much that is not studied by physicians when it comes to good old-fashioned natural home remedies. If surgery is a necessity, then it is the option which must be taken.

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remedies that you have taken within the last three months. Irregular menstrual cycle ! Light bleeding ! Menstrual clots ! Menstrual pain ! or with the person answering your home phone. No personal health information will be

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Excessive exposure at home or work to: Fumes Dust Solvents Airborne Particles Noise MEDICAL Slow to heal after cuts Yes No Bleeding or bruising tendency Yes No Aspirin or other pain remedies Yes No Tetanus antitoxin or other serums Yes No